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How to Change your water Filter

To reduce risk of water damage to your property DO NOT use generic brands of water filters in your SAMSUNG Refrigerator.

USE ONLY SAMSUNG BRAND WATER FILTERS. SAMSUNG will not be legally responsible for any damage, including, but not limited to property damage caused by water leakage from use of a generic water filter. SAMSUNG Refrigerators are designed to work ONLY WITH SAMSUNG Water Filters.

The “Filter Indicator” light lets you know when it is time to change your water filter cartridge. When the filter indicator light changes to red, it is time to change the filter. To give you some time to get a new filter, the light will come on up just before the capacity of the current filter runs out. Changing the filter on time provides you with the freshest, cleanest water from your fridge.

1. Remove the water filter from the box and put a month indicator sticker on the filter as shown.

2. Place a sticker on the filter that dates six months in the future. For example, if you are replacing the water filter in March, put the “SEP” (September) sticker on the filter to remind you to replace in September. Normally filter life is about every 6 months.

3. Next, remove the fixed cap by turning it counter clockwise.

4. Remove the new filter’s protective cap and remove the old filter.

5. Position and insert the new filter into the filter housing. Slowly turn the water filter clockwise 90º to align with the indication mark on the cover, locking the filter in position. Make sure that the indicator is lined up with the “lock” position. Do not over tighten.


6. Once you have completed this process, hold the Ice Type button for 3 seconds to reset the filter schedule.

7. Lastly, Dispense 1L of water through water dispenser and throw away. Make sure that water flows clearly again before drinking.


A newly installed water filter cartridge may cause water to briefly spurt from the water dispenser. This is due to air getting into the line. It should pose no problem to operation.


Ordering replacement filters

To order more water filter cartridges, simply Click here